2nd logo for Kenney/CAPP’s $30 Million money-laundering “disproving true facts” war room run amuck. ATK Technologies Inc. threatens to sue: “This is our intellectual property”

🇮🇪 [email protected] replying to @ABWarRoom:
Wow, who needs satire these days?

Second logo for Alberta’s energy war room comes under fire from U.S. tech firm by Bill Kaufmann, Dec 27, 2019, Calgary Herald

For the second time this month, the Canadian Energy Centre war room’s choice of a corporate logo has run into possible flak.

A California-based software company said Friday it’s considering legal action over the CEC’s use of a logo it deems similar to its own.

That comes a week after the war room pulled its original logo, which was almost identical to the one trademarked by Progress Software, a U.S.-based international applications firm.

The CEC replaced it with another logo, which ATK Technologies Inc. of Pasadena, Calif. claims as its own.

“We have already consulted our legal team, and our legal team is on top of it,” said a member of ATK who wouldn’t give his name.

“This is our intellectual property — that logo is similar to ours.”

ATK’s logo, denoting its Alpha Browser app, is a stylized, red-striped letter “a.” The new CEC logo appears to take that same letter “a” and turn it on its side, with a red maple leaf added to the top right corner.

The man contacted at the ATK office in Pasadena said he wasn’t aware of the CEC’s first logo stumble, adding his company is focusing on its own concerns.

“Our people need to do their analysis; I’m going to get a report next week,” he said.

In response, the CEC issued a statement saying it hasn’t been contacted by the U.S. company. [Who believes what CEC spouts out of their sour sooty CAPP-lined mouth?]

… But so far, the CEC’s missteps have attracted more attention, including a complaint from the Canadian Association of Journalists that the war room’s staff have been misrepresenting themselves as reporters rather than public relations writers. [That’s not all they’ve been misrepresenting! They’ve been mispresenting “true facts” too!]

And the president of the Canadian Culinary Federation, Donald Gyurkovits, angrily said he was never told by a CEC interviewer, who was writing an article on the restaurant sector’s use of natural gas, that she was working for a government agency.

A climate change campaigner who does school presentations said he felt intimidated by being contacted by the government-backed CEC, which took exception to data he used involving the oil and gas industry.

The CEC has yet to find its feet, under some negative publicity, in its effort to promote the image of an industry, said David Taras, professor of communications studies at Mount Royal University.

“They haven’t gotten to first base yet; it’s enough to do a lot of damage to their legitimacy,” said Taras. [“To do?” Kenney’s war room has had no credibility or legitimacy since before it’s foul birth]

The war room, he said, already has a steep challenge convincing the public that this operation — seen by many as producing propaganda “for an industry that has lots of its own machinery” — is a credible use of taxpayer dollars during a time of austerity.

“The whole concept has come under storms of criticism,” said Taras.

But Taras said he doesn’t expect the province to pull the plug or make drastic course changes to the CEC, at least for now.

“Everything about this government says they’ll persevere,” he said. “But the ultimate question is, is this harmful to their credibility, and if it is, they’ll switch it off.”

Some of the intelligent comments:

Ed Henderson
It’s becoming very obvious that Alberta needs another ‘War’ room to study this issue.

Michael Facey
A 30 million dollar joke. This is what happens when you elect an ignorant Trump wannabe.

Michael La Riviere
When you are representing Big Oil and their propaganda, you’re representing the 1% – you’re not representing the interests of the public!

jim gayton
Why not use the Fox News logo. Both right wing propaganda machines. One is about as credible as the other.

David joe to jim gayton
Or a Rebel Media logo

Mike Bieling
Albertabama’s fake journalists can’t come up with a logo without stealing someone else’s, lol. Great start!

Jay Glorieux
… At this rate, the UCP propaganda machine is gonna burn through it’s budget just trying to set itself up.

Andy W
If it’s an energy centre, where is the solar, geothermal and wind initiatives? The oil boom/bust thing isn’t working anymore.

David joe
This is energy, the whole propaganda is based on BS, the war room and pretty much anything Kenney says it does is a joke and makes our industry and province look pathetic. Kenney is a fraud and so is Krause so it makes sense that we are continually sent signs to remind us who we have destroying our reputation and integrity. Just one question, when is someone from the industry going to speak up again? Corp tax shouldn’t be enough bribery to cancel out all your integrity.

Michael La Riviere to David joe
Referendums are not expensive. That has been a misleading concept and a propaganda tactic promoted by those in power so we, the public, will discard the idea. Step back and look at the amount of money Kenney has set aside for his war room – $30 million! Switzerland’s political system and law making is citizen controlled through referendum. There are four referendums held per year and when viewed as a means for the public voice to be heard and eliminating corruption, influence peddling by the mega corporations, the nepotism, the cronyism and deceit, it is dirt cheap!

David joe to Michael La Riviere
If you are correct, awesome it’s Cons that always say it’s expensive. I am all for it but I do think the majority of Albertans drink too much blue poison.

Ramzi Aladin
Sad and pathetic stumbling start for the “war” room

jim gayton
Why not just call it a Conservative propaganda machine or misinformation centre? Defender of Tar. Headquarters for big oil lying machine.

Joe Koch-Schulte
Personally, I like the logo for the Olympics, lets use that one. If we cant then lets use the Starbucks logo, maybe no one will notice.

Andy W to Simon Weatherbanks
There is no defence for wilful stupidity or ignorance, Denial is a heck of a thing.

Darcy Bundy
What a joke. The CEC has lost all credibility. [With Kenney creating it for industry and his lost UCPer Tom Olsen, did it have any credibility to begin with?] If they can’t run a PR campaign then they can’t establish a positive image. Shut them down before they sink what’s left of our province’s oil industry.

Andy W to Simon Weatherbanks
Doesn’t the idea of a president who encourages foreign governments to tamper in an election sound treasonous?

jim gayton to Andy W
What about a premier who fires the person investigating Kenney’s party for corrupt campaign practises? Not to worry Canadians. That sort of thing won’t happen in any other province but Alberta. They sold their soul for oil.

William Parkyn
Not a credible group! Fire the lot of them and save what left of the 30 million,

jim gayton to Ralph Gilmore
Alberta’s problem is that other provinces don’t want Alberta’s tar crossing their provinces. Wexit will make matters worse. Alberta is grossly unpopular with its fellow provinces now. Think how popular Alberta will be after she breaks up Canada. Alberta is not the centre of the universe. Maybe Albertans will have to start paying sales tax, like the rest of Canadians.

Steve Wilson to Ralph Gilmore
And if we do Wexit Kenny and his clowns will screw up our new country’s flag five times before getting it right. [Funny!]

Imran Shabbir
Told yoy days ago its coming. Another reader posted a link that its stolen. How low Cons can go from here? My vote was wasted on the cons and I want my money (my vote) back. I want to rip it and use it to floss my teeth. That would be worth better than casting it for the Cons.

Mackenna Wilson
Alberta taxpayers are paying $30 million annually for this “war room”; you’d think they’d hire at least one talented person for the amount of money this propaganda outlet is costing.

David joe to Mackenna Wilson
The last time the Cons tried to support the industry they were exposed by “The Fifth Estate” – “Silence of the Labs” – Kenney was behind that dumb Harper move too, that’s when we saw the celebrities and company boycotts, just sadly watch it happen all over again. It’s on YouTube.

jim gayton to Ricky Richards
The down grades were effected because Alberta is a climate change denier and wants to make no effort to clean it up. Long story short-GREED!

Robert Brown
Dear Canadian Energy Centre,
Tineye is your best friend. https://tineye.com/

Tracy Rhino
Whos friend is this tom olsen character??? $125.000 a day and they cant even produce a simple logo😂😂👏

Nick Dixon to Tracy Rhino
He’s a former Herald journalist, so not exactly top shelf. [ha!]

David joe to Tracy Rhino
I think he was also involved in same day pay loan industry and was one of those angry campers when Notley stopped them from ripping off Albertans with daily and accumulated outrageous interest rates.

Liam Wilson to Larry Gammon
yup, the one room graphics company that no one heard of, well except the person signing cheques at the CEC.

Larry Gammon
Lefties care about the planet and its future. Righties care about money today even if it’s at the expense of our next generation’s atmosphere. Which is more noble?

Roland Wippel Larry Gammon
Hardly resembles it? It contains the entire logo. This is not something that happens by accident. Some incompetent person made a conscious decision to steal that logo rather than creating their own. You would need to be shockingly partisan to not admit that.

Bill Grigg
Here’s an idea, don’t use a logo or use the Alberta coat of arms.

jim gayton to Bill Grigg
Why not use a picture of Fort Mac from the air? Such a pristine landscape.

David joe to Bill Grigg
NO, we do not want the Alberta coat of arms used to support a debunked conspiracy blogger’s crap. It’s just a money laundering tactic that keeps the gullible base happy.

Stephen Price
How about we save money and trash the war room and snitch line? Nah. What was I thinking? Let’s lay off teachers and nurses instead. [The more poisoned Alberta children’s brains are by the oil industry’s toxic chemicals and sour gas, the more they’ll vote for KopyKatKenney and bullying law-violating Steve Harper types, the better to increase profits for mostly foreign rich.]

Iris Moore
Google reverse image search. It’s really not that difficult guys.
This does not inspire confidence

Neil Robert
A complete joke, just like this Premier and his pig trough buddies. But the joke is on Albertans who voted for this disaster.

Jack Meyer
They have a bad start after first hiring a failed candidate ,then now twice having issues with their symbols ,even worse they lie to people who they are when interviewing people,Gong show Alberta, is what it means to the World.

Mark Houston to Jack Meyer
Embarrassing cousins indeed

Mark Houston
News Flash…the ROC has demanded that the CEC remove “Canadian” from it’s name.Citing a lack of Canadian values the rest of us suggest that “Keystone Kops” would be much more appropriate moniker for this dog and pony show.

ed best
In 2!! minutes using reverse image search I found the IDENTICAL graphic listed as belonging to an orthodontist in Pasadena California. Not close.. IDENTICAL to the pixel. Even the pantone (colour) looks identical. Paying some marketing company more than a plug nickel of taxpayer money for this is not only irresponsible – it’s shows that this “war room” is (so far) nothing more than public relations BS that’s apparently being run by cronies who are utterly incompetent and don’t have a clue what they’re doing.. My doctor says they’re going to reinvent the fundamental basis of GP billing by the end of February. God help sick people. I’m glad I’m healthy.

David Blackburn
Is this really news? It’s a Logo, I can think of several stories that are more important to Albertans [of course it’s news, reporting on illegal deceptive practices by Kenney gov’t and it’s “private” corporate creations is vital to the public interest.]

James Ozon to Ed Sanchez
… The idea was to avoid tying the existence of the war room to the government. It’s supposedly an “independent” entity.

eddie O. to James Ozon
Funded by tax payers of course.

Craig Smith Who cares?

Jack Meyer to Craig Smith
Albertans who saw our 30 million for schools going to a War Room, we do not need.

David joe to Craig Smith
Anyone with a brain

James Ozon
Quick. The war room needs more oxygen. [Sorry, too much oil patch pollution in Alberta air and water destroying brains with toluene, H2S, etc] The gang who couldn’t shoot straight is winking out.

Robert Leduc
Please come up with a third logo without doing the research.

David joe to Larry Gammon
Where are Moe and Curley ?

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