Calls for CSG moratorium after ‘toxic spill’

Calls for CSG moratorium after ‘toxic spill’ by AAP, February 9, 2012, World News Australia
Environmentalists are calling for a moratorium on coal seam gas mining in the NSW, after toxic chemicals were detected in the Pilliga state forest six months after a toxic spill…. The samples showed lead at five times the acceptable drinking water standard, arsenic at twice and chromium at 3.74 times the acceptable standards – a toxic cocktail the Wilderness Society says could still be leaking from the gas project. “Our tests of the Pilliga spill have revealed for the first time just how toxic this coal seam gas water is – it is a cocktail of heavy metals, such as lead and arsenic, plus salts and petrochemicals,” Naomi Hogan of The Wilderness Society said in a statement. “The test results also raise concerns that it is not a one-off spill and that the coal seam gas water may still be leaking into the environment, given the high concentrations of semi-volatile petrochemicals recorded…. “It is frightening and reckless that high levels of salt and heavy metals, such as mercury and arsenic, have been released into the environment,”

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