CAPP aims to ease fracking concerns

CAPP aims to ease fracking concerns by Troy Media, March 26, 2012
Bradley Walters, a professor of geography and environmental studies at Mount Allison University, says the Maritime Provinces have been caught flat-footed by the eastern spread of the U.S. shale gas boom. The fracking issue is of particular concern for Walters, who says the environmental and health effects have not been sufficiently studied. In particular, he worries about the chemicals used in fracking fluid, and their ability to enter the water supply. … “I feel that an outright moratorium or ban is the only responsible thing to do,” says the Sackville, N.B.-based academic. “Our governments are simply in no position in terms of knowledge, capacity or political will to effectively regulate this industry. The governments here seem willing to let industry self-regulate. I find that prospect very worrisome.” … In September, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) introduced guiding principles for hydraulic fracturing, and followed up in January with new operating practices. … President David Collyer stated: “Applying these new operating practices will contribute to improving our environmental performance and transparency over time….” In June 2011, New Brunswick’s Progressive Conservative government announced new rules aimed at strengthening public confidence in the fledgling sector. Among the new regulations: oil and gas companies must pay for independent baseline well water testing; disclose all the fluids and chemicals used in the fracking process; and put up a security bond to protect property owners in the event of an industrial accident. And in February 2012, Alberta’s Energy Resources Conservation Board announced it will roll out new rules by the end of this year that will require companies to disclose ingredients in fracking fluids. … CAPP’s Guy points to Alberta, where some 167,000 hydraulic fracturing procedures have taken place…fracking has not produced a single case of water contamination. [Emphasis added]

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