Emergency preparedness is goal of Quebec earthquake road show, Or because Quebec gov’t broke its promise, created Bill 106 to enable fracing in Quebec? First Nations communities in Gaspé unite against fracking, First Nations leaders threaten legal action over Petrolia drilling

First Nations communities in the Gaspé unite against fracking, Group of First Nations leaders threaten legal action over Petrolia drilling projects by CBC News, Oct 08, 2016


A group of First Nations communities in Quebec have come out in opposition to hydraulic fracturing projects on their territories in the Gaspé and on Anticosti Island.

Faced with a number of potential energy projects, Mi’kmaq communities in Gespeg, Listuguj and Gesgapegiag have teamed up with the Innu people in Mingan and Maliseets from Viger to demand respect for their ancestral rights.

The group is denouncing Petrolia in particular, after the company announced it was considering hydro fracking for its Haldimand sites, located next to a residential area in Gaspé.

The First Nations communities are concerned about the effect the Petrolia project could have on habitat, wildlife and drinking water.

The head of the Mi’kmaq Gespeg Nation, Manon Jeannotte, said that they are ready to take legal action if the communities are not properly consulted.

If necessary, community members will occupy the drill sites, Jeannotte said. The communities also want to meet with the provincial government.

Along with the Haldimand site, Petrolia is also involved in a controversial joint venture on Anticosti Island, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The joint venture is currently preparing sites on the island for an exploratory fracking operation.

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Emergency preparedness is the goal of Quebec earthquake road show by Hayley Juhl, October 6, 2016, Montreal Gazette

The Quake Cottage is a mobile earthquake simulator touring Quebec to shake things up in the middle of a worldwide earthquake preparedness campaign.

Most Quebecers aren’t preoccupied with the possibility of an earthquake here, but the IBC notes there are 450 quakes each year in Eastern Canada, and a major event could strike close to home.

The seismological tour, which launches Thursday and runs till Oct. 15, allows visitors to step inside a large trailer to experience a 30-second earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale.

“Even a magnitude 7 quake in Quebec could see lives lost and cost tens of billions of dollars in damage. Using this experience, we would like to explain to citizens that they may go through such an event in the next 50 years and that they must learn to protect themselves,” [How do citizens do that if the government allows hydraulic fracturing?] said Pierre Babinsky, the IBC’s director of communications and public affairs.

The simulator follows a trend toward engaging the public in unique ways. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an emergency preparedness website that teaches Zombie Preparedness, which it considers an effective platform for training a wide audience about being ready for any sort of hazard.

The simulator will be in Montreal Oct. 10 and 11. The Quebec tour coincides with the Great ShakeOut, an international earthquake preparedness and educational event. For more information, visit grandesecousse.org/quebec.

Quake Cottage by Montreal Gazette on Scribd

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