Frack Attack on Lethbridge Alberta Canada

Frack Attack on Lethbridge Alberta Canada by Dr. Anthony Hall, January 19, 2014, Veterans Today, Military & Foreign Affairs Journal

2014 01 19 Screen Capture Veteran Affairs Dr. Anthony Hall Columnist
Goldenkey’s proposal to frack municipal land in West Lethbridge offers yet another example of just how aggressive and emboldened the fossil fuel industry in Alberta has become now that it has seized near monopoly control of Premier Alison Redford’s provincial government. This frack attack on the urban ecology of Lethbridge would see the sinking of three wells within a two-mile radius of six schools, one of them the University of Lethbridge.

The swelling opposition to this plan to industrialize the growing and thriving residential settlement in West Lethbridge is part of a worldwide pattern.

Let me conclude by picturing Lethbridge’s intake pipe to the water treatment plant on the Oldman River. This aquatic intake is already bringing into our community’s tap water toxins used in the industrial chemistry of extracting oil and gas from upstream wells, including those presently operating on the nearby Blood Tribe reserve. How many in the Lethbridge area have already determined that our tap water is not to be trusted as a safe source for drinking, bathing, and the hydrogenation of crops and domesticated animals? What would be the consequences for our tap water and public health of expanding the number of fracking wells in our local watershed to hundreds or even thousands of times the present number?

As we citizens push for a ban on urban fracking in Lethbridge, we should bear in mind that we have still not been given any real accounting of the huge transformations the makers of the Alberta Bakken play have in mind for us. We need to begin by demanding a moratorium on all future fracking projects in southwestern Alberta until the current inhabitants are given a full accounting of what has already been done and of plans being made for oil and gas exploration and exploitation in our region. We need to be especially attentive to preserving what is left of precious and dwindling fresh water supplies, an imperiled resource essential to the renewal of all life on earth. [Emphasis added]

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