Giant sinkhole danger zone expansion warning, human rights abused

Giant sinkhole danger zone expansion warning, human rights abused by Deborah Dupre, August 6, 2012, examiner
The amount of harmful gases presently being released is being withheld, according to a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) statement on the Assumption Parish Police Jury website dedicated to the Bayou Corne disaster. … “All of the pathologies that we saw in BP’s Deepwater Horizon tragedy, and in so many oil-and-chemical pollution mishaps here in the state, are on display here: Shoddy, corner-cutting environmental practices from industry, wanton disregard for the health and welfare of a working-class community in the Deep South, a complete lack of regulation from the state’s sorry excuse of a so-called Department of Natural Resources, and now a bias by state officials at the highest levels to protect the liability of big business, and not the public.” Smith slammed Louisiana Governor Jindal’s administration for this latest environmental disaster government cover up related to oil and gas and how officials have not acted to protect citizens from being poisoned and possibly injured from a gas explosion: “A couple of months ago, residents of this rural community in south-central Louisiana started to realize that something had gone very, very wrong. First came strong odors that smelled like diesel fuel, then tremors where the ground beneath them shook. Earthquakes are unheard of in this a delta of the Mississippi. In late June, environmental activists who visited the area found a dozen spots of bubbling water where it appeared that methane, propane, and ethane was escaping from underground.” Despite the clear warning signs being presented, “officials failed to act forcefully on these reports. In fact they did nothing,”

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