Hey KopyKatKenney, Tom Olsen, Matt Wolf et al! Wanna be war room heros? Copy logos quick ‘n easy! No more logo a no-go!

Energy War Room Logo Generator by Goat – a Design Agency, December 2019.

Are you a publicly-funded entity with a multi-million dollar budget looking for a new logo? Just use this logo generator to create an original*, brand-aligned visual identity, then use our proprietary Design Rationale tool to explain your decision to the public!

A few tastes of what the Generator can do for CAPP’s lying room:

“Also, there is a drop of water hidden above the word which represents our bringing of Oil and Commerce to the seas for international trade and diversification.”

Operate the Logo Generator yourself for more awe-inspiring logos!

*None of these designs are original. All visual elements are property of their respective owners.

Refer also to:

Alberta’s war room not only spins, it misuses citizens; Canadian Association of Journalists calls UCP propaganda war room out for calling its spinners journalists.

2nd logo for Kenney/CAPP’s $30 Million money-laundering “disproving true facts” war room run amuck. ATK Technologies Inc. threatens to sue: “This is our intellectual property”

Alberta’s “Logo a no-go” Tom Olsen (salary $195,000.00 a year) tries to bring “measured tone” to Alberta’s War Room and to “correct” Jeremy Appel’s excellent Opinion Piece in Medicine Hat News. Olsen fails, miserably. Must read review of Olsen’s attempt by David Climenhaga! (I’ll be laughing for days!)

Hey KopyKatKenney War Room! Make the logo round — like a pipe you dummies! Logo Next up – Nike’s.

Another Canadian Clusterfuck: Too funny! Kopy Kat Kenney copied U.S. software giant’s logo for his propaganda war room. How many millions of dollars will “Logo a no-go” cost? Guffaw!

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