Invisible Hand, Out of the current struggle for democracy in an unfettered free market, Rights of Nature are born: Public Herald announces new film project

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INVISIBLE HAND, Out of the current struggle for democracy in an unfettered free market, Rights of Nature are born by Public Herald 2:15 Min Preview

INVISIBLE HAND is the new documentary project by Public Herald, an investigative news nonprofit using journalism and art to empower readers and hold accountable those who put the public at risk.

Free market forces have recently manifested as ‘fracking’ in Pennsylvania – a high risk method to extract natural gas – that state and federal governments support. But communities hell bent on protecting their rights are fighting back against state and corporate take over – some with success.

So what does it take to defeat a billion-dollar corporation with more rights than you? INVISIBLE HAND tells the story of people figuring out how. One method is by bringing about the Rights of Nature.

Public Herald has published the first eight in a series of 15 reports dedicated to investigating the INVISIBLE HAND, a term we borrowed from economic rhetoric commonly used as a metaphor to refer to the ‘invisible’ force that balances a free market economy. But unfortunately, the true consequences of our economy are externalized, tipping the scales of justice far beyond anything resembling ‘balance.’ [Emphasis added]

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“If you bury truth underground, it will but grow.” Emile Zola

2015 12 Invisible Hand, new documentary by Public Herald

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