Methane contamination found in Gaspé water wells near Petrolia’s methane leaking oil well; Is the Quebec government deflecting the explosive risk to protect the oil and gas industry?

Methane in Gaspé water: Quebec wants to reassure us Translation of Méthane dans l’eau de Gaspé : Québec se veut rassurant by Amie du Richelieu, March 26, 2014
The Environment Ministry wants to assure us that the methane concentrations measured in some Gaspé wells are not dangerous for the environment or human health. A hydro geological study made on 75 wells within a 2 km radius around the Perolia well Haldimand no. 4 detected some methane in water.

Two of the tested wells have concentrations of 10 and 11 mg per liter, which is over the accepted norm of 7 mg per litre, the threshold where the Ministry recommends preventive measures. The Ministry adds that the concentrations become critical at 28 mg per liter. The Ministry comes to the conclusion that a certain concentration of methane in water is normal. [Emphasis added]

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Brief Review of Threats to Canada’s Groundwater From Oil Gas Industry’s Methane Migration

Gas migration research reported in 1996 by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) warns that 1 mg/l of methane dissolved in water poses risk of explosion if the water passes a confined space:

30 to 66 mg per litre methane in Rosebud drinking water after Encana frac'd the Rosebud fresh water aquifers

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Government finds methane in drinking water wells in Gaspé, water wells are within 2 km of Pétrolia’s oil wells, one of them reported in 2012 to be leaking methane

Unanimous Decision! Municipal Council of the City of Gaspé appeals the court decision not allowing regulation to protect drinking water from the harm caused by hydraulic fracturing ]

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