Must Watch! New German Documentary (with English Subtitles): The Tricks of the Oil and Gas Corporations/Die Tricks der Öl- und Gaskonzerne Verschmutzen und verharmlosen

MUST WATCH! The Tricks of the Oil and Gas Corporations 44:28 Min. Documentary by, April 6, 2017, English subtitles by Charlie Williams

Die Tricks der Öl- und Gaskonzerne Verschmutzen und verharmlosen by, March 6, 2017

Oil and gas producers like ExxonMobil are promising safe production and install their drilling rigs throughout Northern Germany. However, this documentary shows that things go wrong on a regular basis with harmful consequences for the people and the environment.

German journalist Jo Hiller is on the track of energy corporations like ExxonMobil and investigates their marketing tricks. He questions the alleged reliable environmental protection and investigates if oil and gas production in Northern Germany is making people sick in the targeted areas. Jo Hiller reveals the marketing tricks of the energy corporations. He meets with physicians who criticize the distribution of medical misinformation.

Laboratory analyses – commissioned by the German broadcaster NDR – prove that pollutants are released into the environment in the vicinity of the drilling sites. The increase of earthquakes in the gas production regions is most probably related to the extraction of hydrocarbons. Jo Hiller meets locals whose houses are damaged. He confronts the regulatory body and the oil and gas companies with the results of the comprehensive investigation.


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