Pipeline bent from sinkhole; La. 70 traffic to reroute

Pipeline bent from sinkhole; La. 70 traffic to reroute by David J. Mitchell, August 4, 2012, River Parishes bureau
Assumption Parish officials said Saturday they discovered that powerful underground forces unleashed by formation of an acre-sized swampland sinkhole had bent and shifted an adjacent 36-inch natural gas pipeline. … John Boudreaux, director of the parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, said their decision to close the highway was required because the bent pipeline crosses under the highway just east of Bayou Corne. Boudreaux said the pipeline bent 16 feet downward and 15 feet to the east toward the slurry-filled sinkhole that developed overnight Thursday in the swamps near Bayou Corne. … The emergence of the sinkhole was accompanied by a foul, diesel fuel odor that residents reported early Friday morning smelling as they woke or drove to work. In some cases, residents said they felt a burning sensation in their noses and eyes. … “Today, out of abundance of caution, we plan to take canister samples in the odor area, which will provide more information. We are also taking sediment samples,”

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