Putting environment at risk

Putting environment at risk by Trevor Richie, August 29, 2012, The Record
Politics, they say, is the science of the possible triumphing over the power of ideology and optimism. When one looks at the policy the B.C. NDP has created in regards to fracking, one has to assume that this was what the saying meant. … It is a shame to see what the party is willing to do in order to avoid being labelled as “radical.” Do you know what’s radical? Blowing up part of the earth’s crust in order to sell toxic gases to China, all done on the middle of the ring of fire. That’s radical for you. They’ve sold their souls, all to line pockets in silver and appease those who will never vote for them. It’s bad politics and bad for B.C.; committing to renewable, emission-free resources is what must be done, not a continued reliance on exporting poisons to the world.

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