Texas GOP: Mask wearing to protect health verboten but Dept Agriculture orders “all employees must dress in a matter consistent with their biological gender.” WTF?

Paisley [email protected]:

Here we go. Using “biological sex” as a cudgel against trans people was always just the pre-game.

For the right, it’s not just “men in dresses” that’s the problem. It’s also women in pants.

Princess [email protected]:

Is it time to tell them that dresses, heels and makeup were originally made for men?

[email protected]:

Remember when women had to fight for the right to wear pants at work? Transphobia and misogyny go hand in hand

Jen [email protected]:

I need people to show in penis and vagina costumes and argue that it’s clearly what is meant by “consistent with their biological gender”.Ha ha ha! Ha!

Dr. Geralyn [email protected]_g:

I wear men’s shirts because they are longer and have wider shoulders.Me too, and the buttons are always sewn on better and the fabric is better quality (lasts longer). I also mostly wear men’s footwear because those made for women seldom fit. This immediately takes me out and I am not trans. I would be screaming a fit. (Or I would wear over the top glam gowns just to make a statement).

Nil [email protected]:

Republicans: We are the party of freedom! How dare the left encroach on our freedom!

Republican Politicians: Here’s laws to control what people can wear and who they can marry. Some of our states lower the right of all minorities to marry not just LGBTQ.

[email protected]:

Does this Include the Clergy?

Max Limelihood Estimator | [email protected]:

Even without Bostock, this is a pretty clear first amendment violation, given its the DoA…

Marc [email protected]:

They must figure it can be challenged to the Supreme Court and that they have a shot at winning.

[email protected]:

I’m pretty sure some old white guy is going to try and do inspections

[email protected]:

Women banned from pants?

Veldig [email protected]_rart:

As a woman, I would 100% dress in a suit and tie if I worked here.

JENNIFER [email protected]:

So let me get this straight, Republicans think being asked to wear a mask is government overreach but it is ok to tell everyone else what clothes they can wear?!?!?!?

Star Trek [email protected]:

No clothes are legally defined for any gender

[email protected]:

I guess I missed the part of biology class where they went over the genes that determine your clothing options.

aquamarie @aquaticstarr:

it was never about “biological gender”
it’s all about forcing people to conform to stereotypes and policing every part of their personality

JJ [email protected]:

I have a uterus. Will I be fired for wearing gasp pants?

Who’s going to check in my undies if they don’t agree with what I’m wearing?

I know why the GOP is doing this. But I’m appalled that the people allow it.

Kelley [email protected]:

So Texas just isn’t going to stop until they have driven away everyone who isn’t old white Christian and male. Very short sighted and detrimental to the economy

[email protected]_vii:

Don’t want to confuse those cowboys at Ram Ranch.

Mr. Pedro [email protected]:

They call transgender people groomers, yet look who has a “Grooming Policy.”

Pat [email protected]:

Dear God, pretty soon e’ll be wearing corsets and white gloves and cocktail dresses to do agriculture.Too Funny! The next tweet too!

ghoul, [email protected]:

what’s a biological gender and where do i get one?


Bostock v. Clayton County, 590 U.S. _ (2020), is a landmark United States Supreme Court civil rights case in which the Court held that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees against discrimination because they are gay or transgender.


[email protected]:

So at what time period are they referribg to..because Men wore tights, wigs, makeup & high heels before women at one time..

Too Funny! I think humankind has lost is mind, notably in Texas and Alberta. Too much H2S off oil and gas.

rahlzle dazzle (Richard)@drahcir_rahl:

They want to make certain pregnant women are in a dress so they can deliver in the field and get right back to work no doubt.

(((theo williams)))@Theojwilliams:

What on Earth does Texass’ state government expect women EMTs/firefighters/police officers to wear on the job? Square-dancing dresses? Dirndls and peasant blouses??

River (aka Sarah) [email protected]:

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talking about how vague language like this is a free pass to police women specifically. I give the GOP a month before they start introducing legislation to make it illegal for women to wear pants in public.

Amy @AmySandSand:

“Western business attire”

What’s that??

rigby @rigbymortis:

“biological gender” not even a thing

LESLIE [email protected]:

So, women can’t wear pants to work? I don’t understand how any woman could live and work in the state of Texas, they clearly hate them and see them as mere property. Women of Texas revolt for christ’s sake.

[email protected]:

All me should dress like the founding fathers hahha

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