The AER caves again: Modified Primrose steaming plan approved, Regulator approves limited resumption at Canadian Natural operations despite serious bitumen leaks to surface

Modified Primrose steaming plan approved, Regulator approves limited resumption at Canadian Natural operations by Dan Healing, April 17, 2014, Calgary Herald
The Alberta Energy Regulator has approved a modified plan under which Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. will be able to continue steaming wells at two phases of its Primrose project despite bitumen leaks to surface. In a news release Thursday afternoon, AER president and chief executive Jim Ellis took pains to specify that the Canadian major oilsands producer will not be able to steam wells near the four slow leaks at Primrose and Wolf Lake, which remain under investigation.

“In July, the AER completely restricted steaming operations in the four areas that have bitumen releasing to the surface. Those restrictions remain in place,” he stated.

“We also directed CNRL to modify steaming operations within the rest of its Primrose site, which included reduced volumes and increased monitoring. This application is a direct response to that request.”

The AER said no new wells are approved with its decision.

The decision allows CNRL to resume steaming in Phases 23 and 24 provided it stay one kilometre away from a release area, maintain lower injection volumes, monitor operations closely, review all existing well bores in the vicinity and provide a risk assessment and mitigation plan to address potential wellbore failures before steaming.

In March, Canadian Natural pulled an application to resume steaming in a restricted area at the project after the AER said its application would be denied because the investigation wasn’t finished. CNRL said then it had finished cleaning up three of the four spill sites.

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