True: “Statistically your child is far safer with a Drag Queen rather than a Priest.”

Tweet added Aug 13, 2022:

David [email protected]:

I heard someone whinging on CBC yesterday that drag queens shouldn’t be able to read stories to kids in buildings paid for by taxpayers, viz., libraries. Just remember, churches are paid for by taxpayers too, through their tax exemption, so men in gowns can read stories to kids.

[email protected] June 16, 2022:

Statistically your child is far safer with a Drag Queen rather than a Priest.

100% facts.

Vatican decrees Catholic Church into a pedophile twist: Opposes gay marriage while helping gay priests rape thousands of boys.

“Law Society of Ontario taken over by ‘right-wing, fundamentalist religious zealots?’” Taken over by the catholic church to better protect and feed its sex-crazed, child-abusing “celibate” priests? Do white privileged people think loading up on religious self-righteousness and the church will hide the law society’s pedophilia? It’s not working.

“Utter disgust” at retired judge Brian Giesbrecht’s “filth” telling us “to move on” from 215 Indigenous children found in unmarked graves at Kamloops Residential School. “He is the disease.” A despicable Canadian Caveman. “I worry about how he may have injected his incredibly biased views against Indigenous people during his time as a judge in Manitoba. I am thoroughly disgusted.”

Catholic Pedophile Church in Action: Estimates of more than 10,000 child victims in France. “Their stories are a true memorial of pain. Entire lives have been devastated.” Time to “cancel” Rape Religion? How many hundreds of thousands of children do priests rape globally, and continue to rape, every year, enabled by pope after pope after pope, other church and community officials, judges and lawyers?

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