Water, not gas, is our main resource

Water, not gas, is our main resource by Stephen Bowker, Victoria, June 11, 2017, Times Colonist

Hey B.C., stop this myopic squabbling about electricity and natural gas and look what is happening in the world markets.

Fracking not only caused a glut of natural gas in B.C., but around the world. Appalachian natural gas now supplies the East, so instead of importing, the U.S. is exporting liquefied natural gas. The world’s glut of LNG has led to the largest exporter, Qatar, being threatened by the other Arab LNG kingdoms. Funding terrorism? Kettle, black.

In California, for the first time ever, there is a glut of electricity despite shutting down its nuclear power stations. This from a confluence of new natural-gas power stations, new solar farms, and adoption of low-energy LED bulbs and screens.

The main northern B.C. resource without a worldwide glut is fresh water. When the U.S. Corps of Engineers built the Alaska Highway, which opened up our north, they were told to keep an eye peeled for a source of water to feed the U.S. prairies in case of another 1930s dust bowl.

They found it — the Rocky Mountain Trench north of Prince George. With a tall enough dam, a new freshwater sea could feed water across the great divide and to the Prairies.

They never did build that dam because the U.S. discovered massive aquifers and began drilling and pumping water. Guess where that dam was to have been located? Did you know the U.S. aquifers are drying up?

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